ThruNite TN32 Tactical/Search Flashlight Review

Finally! Hey gang! I’m slowly getting back on the horse after a very busy period and little time for reviews. Today’s review is on the amazing TN32 from Thrunite. How does 1688 OTF lumens and 1041 yards of throw sound? Go to my blog and read for yourself.


2 thoughts on “ThruNite TN32 Tactical/Search Flashlight Review

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  2. From my personal experience with the TN32, I’d say it’s one of the best flashlight specially designed for long-range throw. This upgraded version features a copper alloy pill as well as a better driver output. Even though TN31 was an equally good flashlight, TN32 is way brighter with an output of 1792 lumens! Since it is lightweight (just 650gm!), you can easily carry it along, especially for tactical purposes. I also appreciate its highly focused light beam that covers maximum distance.

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