4Nine Stainless Steel & Copper Mechanical Mod clone

4Nine Stainless Steel & Copper Mechanical Mod clone

* The 4Nine  clone in this review was provided courtesy of FocalEcig.com


FocalEcig Specifications:

Color Silver
Length 7.8 CM
Width 2.2 CM
Height 2.2 CM
Weight 83 g
Total weight  130 g

Material                          Stainless
Product Type                  4Nine Mod
Color                               Silver
Quantity                          1
Connection Threading    510
Other Features               4Nine Mod is by far one of the most compact and portable mods on the market today. The hybrid function allows the mod to have almost zero voltage drop so you are getting the best connectivity. When 4Nine Mod in it’s 18650 Mod, it is by far one of the smallest mods on the market today.

This is for the mod only, does NOT include batteries. You will need to purchase batteries to use this mod.

Packing List
– Stainless Tube
– Stainless Extension Tubes
– Brass Top Cap
– Copper Button
– Magnetic switch
– Black delrin insulator already installed


My Measurements:

18650 – 78.9mm
18500 – 63.41mm
18350 – 48.99mm


This is a super nice looking mod.  The 4Nine is known for it’s ingeniously simple design and extremely compact and diminutive size.  It gets it’s name from it’s total length of 49 millimeters and a proper clone needs to be 49mm.  This one satisfies that requirement.  Unfortunately this is not a 1:1 clone due to it’s copper switch button.  The original 4Nine uses a brass button.  In my opinion copper is a far better choice for transferring the cell current with minimal loss.  This is arguably superior to the original as far as current conduction.

Below is the 4Nine clone in 18650 form with a Quasar RDA clone mounted on top to get an idea of the overall size and proportions.  It’s a damned handsome setup! The only problem I have with its appearance is the visibly uneven brushed finish of the extension tubes compared to the core body.  It’s a non-issue in 18350 form and not that bad in person in it’s larger forms.  The switch is super smooth and the mod hits very hard thanks to the highly conductive copper switch components.

You may have noticed that in my pics the copper switch isn’t looking as good as it might.  That’s only because I like patina on my copper.  The picture below is from FocalEcig and it is indeed a 100% accurate representation of how it looks when I received it.  The scalloped finger grooves make pressing the button easy while eliminating the need for any kind of lockout ring.  You can set the 4Nine down without fear of it firing.

Here is the 4Nine disassembled into it’s parts.  Everything threads together very easily.

The main 18350 body section plus two 15mm extensions to allow the use of 18490/18500 and 18650 cells.  Longer than standard batteries need not apply here.

The top cap has a pressed in delrin ring to insulate the anode end of the battery from contacting the top cap.  When the atomizer’s 510 connection is threaded into the top cap, the center pin of the atomizer contacts directly with the anode connection of your cell.  This makes the top cap extremely thin compared to those or regular mods that use a center pin and adjustable threaded contact pins.  There is nothing to be adjusted thanks to this extremely simple design.  The only thing you need to make sure of is that the center pin on your atomizer extends beyond the base of the 510 connection.

The copper switch base has a venting hole in the center with a neodymium magnet loosely pressed into it.  The black delrin disk with the pressed in copper center containing a neodymium magnet connects to the base of the cell creating a floating magnetic switch.  Opposing poles in magnet polarity create a magnetic cushion that levitates the cell away from the switch button keeping them from connecting until you press the button.  It’s a remarkably simple and effective design that works very well and saves a lot of space keeping the mod as compact as possible.


The one thing that I find wrong with the 4nine mod, original or clones, is that the threads on the top cap do not extend to the entire depth of the cap itself.  The top cap is only 4mm thick and the threaded portion of the 510 hole only extends about 2-2.5mm.  The 510 connection on any atomizer is not threaded along its entire length  only about 2-3mm of the end of the connection is threaded.  With only the top 2mm of the top cap being threaded, once your atomizer is seated flush to the body cap the threads of its 510 connection will nearly be beyond the threads in the top cap.  Some atomizers, my Magma clone for example, has a longer than usual 510 connection.  When I try to use it with the 4Nine the threads pass each other to the point where the atomizer threads are past the 4Nine threads leaving the atomizer loose and just spinning freely.  Since a picture would make it easier to explain what I just said, here is a picture illustrating my point:


The cathode contact disk attaches magnetically to the base of the cell.  Test that you have it attached correctly by making sure the switch button and disk repel each other.  If the snap together just flip the disk over.  Install the switch button first by sliding it down from the top of the tube.  Then insert the cell  It will float n a magnetic cushion.  Thread on the top cap and you are good to go.

Here is the 4Nine mod in its 18650 form.  It’s only 14mm longer than the cell itself.

In it’s 18500 form it’s actually 1mm shorter than your 18650 cell.

The 4Nine is at its most impressive when in 18350 format.  It’s tiny!

it’s absolutely miniscule even with my Quasar atty mounted compared to my 18650 copper Panzer clone

In 18650 form plus the Quasar it is smaller than my Panzer mod in 18650.  The 4nine is the very definition of stealth modding, especially in 18350 form.


I highly recommend this 4Nine mod in stainless steel from FocalEcig.com.  It hits hard, works perfectly for me every time, and is a tiny marvel in any of it’s 3 cell formats.  The switch engraving is clean and deep unlike other 4Nine clones I’ve seen.  All threads are smooth and crisp.  You can get cheaper 4Nine clones, especially now but sometimes you do get what you pay for.  You may do as well with another one for less money as you would with this one but here you know what you are getting.  This gets my stamp of approval!

2 thoughts on “4Nine Stainless Steel & Copper Mechanical Mod clone

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  2. Hey Johnny! This is TehSpaz from BLF. I’ve been looking at this mod and debating, but your review sealed the deal for me!
    Thanks for yet another excellent review.

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