Cosmic Innovations Vicious Ant Quasar RDA Clone

Cosmic Innovations Vicious Ant Quasar RDA Clone

* This Quasar RDA was provided for review courtesy of


Stainless Steel & Brass

Product Type
Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer



Coil Replaceable

Coil Rebuildable

Connection Threading     510

Other Features

-510 contact pin

-Laser etched patterns

-Airflow control system and Air flow adjustable

-Packing List 1x Quasar Style Atomizer (drip tip sold

-2x Spare O-rings

-2x Coiled Heating Wires

-1x Phillips Screwdriver

-3x Screw



2.2 CM

2.2 CM

2.9 CM

48 g

Total weight
78 g

Purchase Price:

Seller Link:


  • Dual or single coils
  • Large adjustable air holes for massive clouds
  • Excellent flavor and performance
  • Shaped vapor chamber
  • Nice machining and finish
  • Clean, sharp laser etching on logos
  • Easy to coil and wick


  • Had to drill out the wire holes in the posts to accommodate large gauge
  • O-ring design seals well but is difficult to use without pinching and
    cutting them.
  • No drip tip included
  • Drip tip hole is small and does not fit all drip tips.


The Quasar RDA arrived in a really nice gift box.

Inside a fitted hard foam lining was the Quasar and accessory bag.

The brass sleeve is truly lovely and has a brushed finish.  All parts
fit very snug and tight.  The most noticeable thing is the apparent lack of
O-rings on the base to seal against e-juice from leaking out.  Not to
worry, it does indeed have them, just not where you can easily see.

The top cap has a shaped chamber for minimum volume inside the chamber and
great airflow to the tip.  “Cosmic Innovations” and a random serial number
are etched into each base.

The top cap has three large air slots cut into it to allow for fully
adjustable airflow in single or dual coil arrangements.  You can do really
easy lung hits with the amount of air it flows.

The O-rings to seal the outer sleeve and base are actually located in the
outer sleeve.  There are two deep grooves for the O-rings to seat in.
While it is a unique idea, and I do respect the designers willingness to take a
risk and do something different, I would have preferred it had they put the
O-ring grooves into the base.  O-rings seal by compressing tight under
tension.  With this design the O-rings are either not quite the correct
diameter or it’s just an impractical design.  When putting the outer sleeve
over the base it’s difficult to get it installed without pinching the O-rings
and cutting them, especially the upper of the two O-rings.

I ended up chamfering the top edge of the base to allow the base a better
chance to squeeze inside the O-rings without pinching them.  It helped with
the lower O-ring but not the upper one.  I ended up using the supplied
spare O-rings immediately but removing the upper O-ring altogether due to the
difficulty of getting the sleeve fully seated.  It works just fine with the
one lower O-ring.

The threads on the 510 connection are clean and smooth and work very well.

Here is the Quasar with the sleeve installed onto the base.  Phillips
head screws make it easy to tighten the coils into the posts.  For those
who prefer to mount the coils at the top of the posts and anchor them with the
screw heads, the slightly rounded screw heads may not be as easy to use as it
could have been had screws with a flatter base been used.

I prefer to use larger gauge coils and usually use twisted 28ga kanthal in
mine.  In a single coil setup it would be easy but with dual coils the
center post hole is too small to fit two coils.  I ended up drilling mine
out to make the hole larger.  Something to consider if you use heavy gauge
dual coils but not a deal breaker either.  Most atomizers could use larger
post holes and drilling them out is common and easy to do.

You can see the Vicious Ant logo etched into the top surface of the base.

Here it is all wicked up and wet with juice.

Performance is great and the flavor is fantastic.  Definitely one of the
better RDAs I’ve used.

Not all top caps fit into the drip tip hole in the top cap.  Fortunately
my favorite ones fit without issue but many I have do not.


While not a perfect atomizer it’s well worth the price and performs
awesomely.  It’s also extremely attractive and would look great on any mod.
The few flaws it has are easily fixed in just a few minutes time and little
effort.  I still like it and can recommend it as long as you are aware of
it’s limitations that I’ve pointed out. For about a tenth of the cost of the
real thing it’s a great opportunity to see if you like the basic idea before
spending the money on the real deal.

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