Kraken Genesis Style Rebuildable Atomizer (clone)

Kraken Genesis Style Rebuildable Atomizer (2.5mL)
Purchased from Fasttech on 11/16/2013, shipped on 11.20/2013, received on 12/2/2013


*As always, clicking any of the pictures will open the full sized image.
Details from website:
  • Genesis style RBA
  • Airflow control system
  • 3 airfow holes located on the top cap
  • 2.5mL glass tank
  • Laser engraving logo
  • Serial number laser-engraved on the center post
  • Stainless steel protective sleeve
  • Optional single coil or dual coil setup
  • Build using mesh/silica wick and wire
  • Diameter of wick hole: 2.8mm (Approx.)
  • 22mm external diameter
  • Can be used with 510 drip tip (drip tips sold separately)
  • Comes with some rebuildable parts

PRODUCT TYPE:  Rebuildable Atomizers
MATERIAL: Stainless Steel + Glass
PACKAGE CONTENTS:  1*Kraken RBA, 1*Nichrome Wire, 1*Phillips Screwdriver, 1*Stainless Steel Mesh(400)

DEPTH:  22 mm
HEIGHT:  49 mm
WIDTH:  22 mm
FASTTECH SKU:  1530400

I purchased the Kraken shortly after purchasing the Pulse-G atomiser which I reviewed several days ago.  I think it’s pretty obvious why I couldn’t resist the Kraken – it’s incredible looks and rumored performance.  This is an atomiser that has been high on people’s list since it was released.  When Fasttech finally listed it at the fantastic price of $12.92 I just couldn’t resist.  A couple of weeks later it was in my hands.
Aside from a slightly bent up generic looking box, the Kraken I received was in good cosmetic condition and I only had one issue with it out of the box.  During assembly at the factory, one of the O-rings in the top cap piece was pinched and stuck in the groove.  This made it impossible to remove the end of the top cap by hand no matter how hard I tried to press it out from behind.  I was finally able to free it by a steel rod and rapping it with a hammer while holding the main outer sleeve.  Once I had it out I could clean up the shred of O-ring and clean out the stuck layer of rubber from the inside of the one groove.  After that I was able to remove and insert the end piece as intended and could even rotate it to open and close the airholes.  All was well.
Below is the Kraken and included accessories.  The Kraken comes without a drip-tip so if you don’t already have one, make sure you purchase one to use with your Kraken.  The accessories included consist of a swatch of #400 stainless steel mesh (enough for several wicks), a length of NiCr wire (roughly 30awg), and a small phillips screwdriver.  Everything you  need to get your Kraken in vaping condition.
Here is a slightly better peek at the accessory bag.
Removed from it’s protective cello is the Kraken in all of it’s polished SS glory.  I have to say it is arguably the best looking atomiser currently available.
All pieces are extremely solid, thick, well machined and polikshed to a beautiful lustre.  The engraving is unusually deep and crisp.  Quite a pleasant change from the usual super shallow etching I am used to seeing these days.
Here you can see the top section where the drip-tip is inserted.  The hole is perfectly sized for a snug fit of the tip you choose for it.  This top piece also controls airflow to one or both of the airholes in the main outer body.  By rotating the top piece you can open or close the airflow to one or two coild depending on your build and draw preferences.
Here are the 3 main components to the Kraken.  The tank and coil head, the outer body/sleeve, and the top cap.
Inside the main shell with a ridge that seals to the lower tank section.  Above that ridge section is a groove that one of the O-rings in the top-cap seats into allowing the top-cap to be rotated easily while keeping it in place vertically.
Here you can see the two O-rings of the top-cap.  One sits in the groove cut into the outer sleeve and the second seals tightly to prevent any air leaks.  Three triangular air holes are cut into the wall of the top-cap.  Depending on the position of the cap you can adjust airflow through just one or both of the vertical air slits cut into the outer sleeve.  It is fully adjustable from no airflow to a very light, airy draw for you low ohm cloud chuckers.
The coil head comes prepped for a single wick and col setup.  The hole for the second wick comes plugged with an allen head screw leaving the fill and main wick holes open.
The glass tank slides off from the main section.  The seals are very tight and ensure there will be no leaking of your e-juice of choice.  Thanks to the glass tank you can use any juice you want without worrying about it cracking on you.  The glass is fairly thick and not delicate feeling but not as thick as the glass on the Pulse-G.
The original Kraken is made by Vicious Ant and costs roughly $150 USD on the street.  This version is cloned by Tobeco, I believe, and is a fairly accurate rendition down to the “ViciousAnt” logo etched into the base.  I don’t own the real Kraken for 150 different reasons but looking at pictures of the real artical and comparing them to this $13 clone it is nearly impossible to tell them apart when assembled.  Internally they are nearly identical as well with the only obvious difference being the quality of the glass tank on the original but that is only visible with the outer shell removed.
Each Kraken has it’s unique serial number etched into the center stem inside the tank section.  The serial number on mine is “FV306”.
Threads on the 510 connection are clean, deep and well machined.  The center connection post sticks out a little further than I would care for it to but as long as the center pin on your mod is floating or adjustable you should be just fine.
All screws are stainless steel and all the holes are threaded well and clean.  The center post is part of the main center stem.  The two washers on the center post make it as easy to secure a coil made of kanthal ribbon as a coil of regular wire.  The holes, clockwise starting from the bottom left, are the primary wick hole, the negative post screw for the primary coil, the fill hole, the secondary wick hole, and finally the secondary negative post screw.
One thing that should be included, but is not, is an allen wrench for the secondary wick hole plug.  It would also have been nice to have some sort of plug for the fill hole.
Here you can see the center post a little better.
Assembled, the Kraken is 22mm in diameter.  Perfect for a flush fit on most mods.  I currently only have brass mods so of course I had to order two stainless mods in order for the Kraken, and the Pulse-G, to really look their best.  I picked up a stainless steel Nemesis clone and a Poldiac clone in stainless and brass.
The Kraken was very easy to setup.  Before doing anything further I thoroughly washed all components on hot water and dish detergent to remove any machining oils and bad tastes.  I chose to use only a single coil for now accompanied by a mesh wick with a silica wick in the center.  For the coil itself I made a microcoil using 0.8mm x 0.1mm kanthal ribbon.Resistance as pictured below was between 0.8 and 0.9 ohms.  I ended up changing it out for a regular wire microcoil.  Why, you might ask? Because the damned thing burst into flames while testing it out with juice in it!  Can’t say I’ve ever seen that before but apparently PG/VG juice can and will ignite if enough heat is applied. LOL!  Fortunately only the centerpost and coil flamed up.
After the ribbon coil burst into flames I decided to go with a slightly more conservative 28AWG kanthal microcoil at 1.3 ohms.  yeah, I know I used the fill hole as the wick hole.  I liked the idea of using the unthreaded hole for the wick.  When I redo it in dual coils I will use the intended holes.  it works just fine like this so no worries there.
Everything heating up properly with no electrical shorts and, more importantly, no flames.  Time to assemble the outer shell and give it a vape!
Works a treat!  Sorry for the boring video but the taste is marvelous and the vapor thick and heavy.
I will follow up with some parting shots of the Kraken mounted on my brass King mech mod.  Looks fantastic but would look even better on a stainless mod.  Good thing I have a couple on the way. ;)
She’s a beauty!
I can’t recommend this enough!  Sure, there were a couple nigling issues but easily fixed.  it is extremely solid, well made and most of all gorgeous!  At less than $13 USD how can you NOT add this to your collection.  Performance is fantastic, and it really brings out the flavor in my juice.  The best of a tanker and a droipper combined into one lovely device.  Go and get one now!
As always, feel free to hit me up with any questions or comments you may have.  Thanks for checking out my review. :)
Johnny Mac
If you have any comments or questions about this review please visit The Vaping Forum and post them there.

27 thoughts on “Kraken Genesis Style Rebuildable Atomizer (clone)

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  2. Any idea if the tank diameter and length is the same as the authentic one? I cracked mine trying to get it off to clean and want to get a new one. Thanks.

  3. It is a clone from 101vape. I’m hoping it’s the same, ordered the frosted from Bedazzled, hopefully it’s quick shipping.

  4. I also bought one of these but for some reason can’t get the burnt metallic taste to go away…… I’ve tried everything suggested from many many youtube vids and forums but don’t know why its burning. I’m using a nemesis mod (3.7v 800 mAh 18350 battery)
    Also, what size allen key is needed to remove the screw from the other wick hole??

    • I’m having the exact same problem you are, I’ve rebuilt the thing 5 times now with varying methods and cant get anything but a burnt taste.

      • Justin, Make sure your juice is not 100% VG. Genesis style atties don’t like thick juices. A 50/50 mix of PG/VG will wick easier. Also make sure the wick is not tight in the wick hole of the deck. If using cotton wicking make sure the cotton going through the wick hole is very loose. The cotton will expand once wet with juice. Too much (and it doesn’t take much for it to happen) will choke the flow of juice and the coil will burn off the juice faster than the cotton can wick it. Same for any wicking you use. Make sure it’s loose in the wick hole. Also make sure your fill hole is left open and unplugged. Some people plug them thinking it will prevent leaking if the atomizer is laid on its side. On the Kracken it will prevent the juice from wicking freely.

        Thin out your juice with a few drops of distilled water or vodka. You will see a big difference in wicking speed. 😉

    • Build a single 0.56 coil and run a piec of cotton wick through both holes and through the coil that’s my set up you can put dual coil on it but I was born ring lazy mine hits like train tho

    • You need to knock the center pin out with a rubber or wooden mallet and wash in there too. Machine oil was found around the insulators too.. so had to knock them out carefully. Was a process of patience after a soak in alcohol and then a wash of hot water and soap in that center cavity after you free the post obviously. Just have to be carefull not to damage the insulators or your deck.

  5. I just purchased the kraken and I love it but some how the glass broke and I don’t know where a good place to get a new one and some place that I don’t have to wait three months to get it (hint hint ) fastteck

    • John,
      I had same issue originally and got a replacement sent to me but in the mean time i went ahead and ordered from fasttech (got 5 inc postage for less than £5) had to wait a few weeks for them though. Are you in uk? If so i can bang one of mine in the post over the weekend. Save you messing around looking everywhere?

  6. I got my kraken clone. after assembly and filling with juice, it will not stop leaking juice. this is in the upright position. just slowly leaks juice and make a mess everywere. any thoughts to prevent this?

    • Glad you like it. The only reason I can think that would cause it to leak is the lower O-ring. Check to make sure it’s not nicked or damaged in any way and that it fits snugly against the glass. You should see a continuous black bead against the glass all around the perimeter of the O-ring. I can’t think of any other cause for the leaking aside from the O-ring being damaged or too thin.

      Any nicks or chips in the edge of the glass that would allow for juice to get past the O-ring?

    • Any genesis style atomizer will leak if laid on it’s side regardless if the fill hole is plugged or not. At best it will only slow it down a little if plugged. The Kraken is known to have serious wicking issues if the fill hole is plugged since it creates a vacuum as the juice is wicked out making it vape lean.

  7. Has anyone tried a tricro coil wrap on it? Or the diamond wrap? If so how was it and the pros/cons. I want to push around 1.7 ohms

  8. Read your review and decided to try one…it came fairly quickly and was in great shape…that is, until I tried to fire it up…nothing happened. Made some measurements on it and found it wasn’t seating completely in my mod (K100+). You stated that, “The center connection post sticks out a little further than I would care for it to but as long as the center pin on your mod is floating or adjustable you should be just fine.” Mine was pretty flush with the bottom and would not make contact (K100+ is not adjustable). Filed off the top of my mod slightly and got a connection…but still nothing when I fired it up. So, stupidly, I tried to hold my meter leads on the two terminals and press down at the same time to see if voltage was present…well, the thing fired up (probably due to a bad connection at one of the terminals and pressing on it with the leads corrected it)…surprised me enough that I flinched and, of course, the whole thing fell off on the floor…yep, the glass tank broke. So I’ve ordered 5 more…
    Long story short, I don’t know if they’re holding the center connection post to any real kind of tolerance…
    Now I’m anxious to get the new tanks and give it a shot…by the way, great job on the review above…

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