Marstech K6 Kayfun Lite Style Atomizer

Marstech K6 Kayfun Lite Style Rebuildable Electronic Cigarette Atomizer – Silver(4.5mL / 2.4 Ohm)

When Focal E-Cig offered me a Kayfun Lite clone to review I jumped at the
offer.  Having never tried a Kayfun style atty up to this point I was very
interested in hearing if they are worth the hype.  The build quality on the
Marstech version appeared to be good from the pictures and the basic design like
all of the others I’ve seen.

Provided for review by

Product Type: Rebuildable Atomizer
Brand: Marstech
Model: Kayfun Lite Style
Color: Silver
Material: Alloy
Quantity: 1
Coil Replaceable: No
Coil Rebuildable: Yes
Resistance: 2.4 Ohm(manufacturer rated)
Liquid Volume: 4.5mL
Connection Threading: 510
Dimensions: 22x22x79mm
Price: $26.70
Packing List: 1 x Kayfun Lite Styled RBA
1 x Philips Screwdriver
1 x PL Tube
3 x Screws
1 x Allen Key
3 x O-Rings


The build quality is very good on this.  The packaging was very nice and
secure.  No components were broken or damaged.  All etching and
threading were nicely done.  All the O-rings were the right size and
undamaged.  While checking the airflow I noticed that there was some dirt
(most likely polishing compound) blocking airflow through the breather hole in
the base of the atty.  Some poking with a paperclip cleared it out and
confirmed that a good cleaning was definitely in order.  Actually a good
cleaning is always in order before using any new atomizer for the first time.

One of the really nice things about the Marstech Kayfun is that both
stainless steel and polycarbonate tanks are included.  I generally don’t
use e-juices that can crack a tank and prefer being able to see the amount of
e-juice that is in my atties but I think it’s awesome that they give you the
option of using any type of juice you want without worrying about damaging any
of the parts.

Another thing I like about this version is that you can use the included 510
drip tip or, if you want to give it a little more flare, use any other 510 drip
tip you prefer.  Let’s take a look at the Marstech Kayfun and delve into
things a little deeper…


The Marstech K6 Kayfun Lite comes in a fairly heavy cardboard box with very
little marking except for the “It’s your life…take it back!” slogan.

Inside the box I found a very nicely presented product.  All parts fit
snugly into custom sized compartments cut into a very dense closed-cell foam
with a velvet top layer.

Here are the contents of the box removed for better viewing.

The included contests are:

  • Marstech Kayfun Lite atomizer
  • Optional polycarbonate tank section
  • Screw driver for coil and fill screws
  • Allen wrench for adjustment of the airflow set screw
  • 2 spare large O-rings
  • 1 small O-ring for chimney seal
  • 2 spare coil screws
  • 1 spare fill screw
  • 1 spare airflow set screw
  • 2 spare premade coils w/wicks

Here are the contents with the atty in stainless steel tank configuration.

Here are the contents with the atty in polycarbonate tank configuration.

A closer look at the atomizer.  The “Marstech K6” logo is engraved on
the side of the lower tank section.  Many have issues with clones that try
to be something they are not.  Clearly Marstech makes no efforts to
disguise itself as the real thing and aren’t shy about placing their logo
prominently on the K6.  I like that a lot.

On the base of the atomizer, where only it’s owner can see, is a tribute to
the design inspiration via some very nice laser etching.  You can also see
the fill screw.

The SvoeMesto logo and “Designed in Russia” and “Made in Germany” is very
cleanly laser etched into the base.  The only thing about this logo I don’t
care for is that it’s not made in Germany.  I’d have prefered it if it said
“Made in China” but if taken as simply a tribute to the original I can overlook

Here I’ve disassembled the K6 into it’a major components.  It’s really
not as complicated as it appears to be to most before they actually have one in
their hands.

In order to clean it properly I had to remove the airflow set screw.
This is where the included allen wrench comes in handy.  The larger hole in
the side of the base houses the set screw.  Insert the allen wrench and…

…remove the set screw.

I prepared a coffee cup with hot water and dish soap to remove any machine
oils and machining dirt.  Good thing that I did.  In just a few
minutes the dirt had lifted from the components as you can see in this picture.

Parts cleaned, here is what was left behind.  This is why you should
always clean your atomizers thoroughly before using the first time. 😉

Here are all the parts set out to dry before reassembly.

Ok…all dry and ready for final assembly.

Here is the base section with the “centerpost” and negative and positive
terminals.  The center post is hollow and connects to the air breather hole
in the side of the base.  The coil sits above the opening and allows the
air during intake to flow directly over the heated coil and syphon off the vapor
very efficiently.

Under the positive connection block is a delrin type insulator to keep the
terminals from shorting out.  One thing I was initially disappointed in
was the relatively shallow juice channels.  The real Kayfuns have deeper
grooves for the juice flow.  Properly setup, however, the juice channels in
the K6 function just fine and do the job as intended without flooding or dry

I made a simple 4/5 wrap coil for mine with a 3mm I.D.  Be sure to leave
a gap between the base of the coil and the opening of the air channel in the
center for the intake air to flow around the coil properly.

Burning in the coil.

I tried a few wicking methods before getting the best results with what I’m
showing below.  A section of twisted 3mm silica wick will be used.  In
order to pull the wick through the coil I took a few inches of 30ga kanthal
folded in half with the wick centered in the fold of the wire.

Next I insert the wire through the center of the coil and pull the wick up to
the coil.

Carefully pulling the wick through the coil will result in two lengths of 3mm
silica wicking.

Remove the wire of course and set aside for future use in another build.

Next on is the chimney base  Lift up and tuck the wicking into the
chimney base and slide the chimney down and thread until fully seated to the
base of the…base.

Trimming the wick to the top edge of the chimney puts it at the perfect
length for our needs.

Once cut, simply tuck the wicking down into the pockets at the sides of the
coil base.  Now all we need to do is prime the wick by wetting it and
continue with the final assembly.

Wetting the wick before screwing on the chimney cap.

Be careful to not get any juice into the air channel under the coil.  Do
feel free to soak the wick on the sides and fill the juice pockets the wick sits

Thread the chimney cap on next.

Assemble the tank walls and thread them onto the base.

The tank cap goes on next.  The O-ring in the base of the tank cap seals
the top of the chimney to create an airtight seal around the tank.

Next, remove the atomizer, turn it upside down, remove the fill screw, and
fill the tank with your juice of choice.  Here I’m using a custom rum blend
I made.

Once filled, replace and tighten the fill screw and thread the atomizer back
onto your mod.  Now, about the fill screw…my only real complaint about my
particular example (I hope it’s only on mine).  The fill hole in the base
is countersunk to seal against the head of the fill screw.  The seal works
great, BTW, and there is no leaking but with the small screw and relatively
shallow base there aren’t a lot of threads for it to engage rendering it very
tough to grab the head of the screw and pull it from the hole for filling.
A longer screw would resolve the issue and thankfully, due to the large tank
capacity, I don’t need to pull the fill screw that often.

Insert the drip tip and you are ready to enjoy!  I find the flavor very
nice and vapor production to be pretty damned good.  Air flow is a bit on
the tight side and the only negative I can really say about this K6 is that with
the airflow set screw installed there is a pretty annoying whistling through the
air intake hole every time you draw on the atomizer.  Since I had the
airflow screw open all the way anyhow due to tight airflow, I decided to remove
it completely and the whistling sound pretty much went away now that the tiny
intake hole wasn’t the only way for the air to enter the atty.

These next couple of pictures demonstrate how much more shallow the juice
channels are on the K6 compared to the real SvoeMestro and another clone.
Fortunately it’s not really an issue like I expected it to be.  The original
Kayfun, with it’s deep grooves, has many owners filling the juice channels with
wicking to slow the entry of juice and prevent flooding of the Kayfun.
Initially I figured this had to be done even with the Marstech K6 version.
After getting lots of dry hits using a cotton build and again using a silica
wick build using 1mm wicking, I finally tried leaving the channels open and set
it up like demonstrated above.  Perfection!  No dry hits.  No
flooding at all.  No gurgling.  Nothing but a perfect vape with no
leaking at all.


After a couple frustrating build attempts I finally found my appreciation for
the Marstech K6.  In all fairness to the K6, I would have had a learning
curve with any Kayfun clone, even the original until I found the sweet setup for
it.  Hopefully my little tutorial will help you with your first build to
avoid the same pitfalls I experienced.

Build quality is very good with the exception of the fill hole and screw.
Fortunately it’s not as inconvenient as I anticipated since the 4.5ml capacity
means I’m not having to fill the tank that often.  Everything else about
the Marstech K6 prompts me to recommend it as a great atomizer to add to your
arsenal.  What do I like best?  First the performance and second – No
leaks!  It’s the perfect atomizer for great vapor production and a leak
resistant design that is pocketable and doesn’t require you to keep it vertical
like you would with a genesis style atty.

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