PH22 Mechanical Mod

PH22 Mechanical Mod from Fasttech

Never a fan of bottom side-firing mechs, I always
loved the top side-firing Poldiac mech but could never afford one.  When I
saw list the PH22 I simply had to have one.  So, like any
other mod and atty addicted online shopper, I immediately pulled the trigger on
one and began the never popular waiting period until it arrived. 

I placed my order on Dec 5, it shipped on Dec 6 to
the US via HKP and arrived in my hands on Jan 9.  Just over a month waiting
for this is about the longest I’ve ever waited for for a package form Fastttech. 
Fortunately it has nothing to do with Fasttech as they processed and shipped my
order extremely quickly.  HKP is only just now getting back to the quick
deliveries we’ve all been used to up until the whole Li-Ion battery fiasco
followed closely by the Christmas rush.

Details from Fasttech’s site:

  • No circuit board, full mechanical mod
  • Stainless steel body w/Brass accents
  • Removable top cap with airflow control ring
  • Fixed 510 center pin (chromed brass)
  • Side spring-loaded firing button
  • External diameter: 23mm
  • 510/eGo threading connector
  • Can be powered by 1*18650 battery (batteries sold separately)
  • Weight: 133g
  • Length: 106mm
  • Width: 23mm
  • Maximum battery length: 68mm
  • Fastetch SKU: 1494600
  • Price: $19.26 USD (free shipping)


  • 18650 cells only
  • Maximum cell length: 68mm
  • Unadjustable 510 pin
  • Length:  106.1mm
  • Width:  22.47mm


  • Wonderful threads
  • Solid body tubes and nice feel
  • Side-firing switch is 100% mechanical and hits every time.
  • Hits like a train in spite of chrome plated switch connections
  • Can LEGO with other mods like the Chi-You and King clones for looks or
    to use the following combinations:

    • 18650
    • 18650 + Kick
    • 18500
    • 18500 + Kick
    • 18350 + Kick


  • Some rough edges aroud the switch on my sample
  • 18650 only and no kick.  However, if you already own a King or
    Chi-You clone you can make it happen.
  • Since it’s release there are other options available in it’s price zone.

The PH22 consists of 3 main parts with the top air flow control ring making
it 4.

Here are 3 of the 4 total sections (main body tube missing).  The PH22
can accommodate both eGo and 510 connection atomisers.

Aside from the controversial switch appearance, the PH22 could pass for a
pretty decent Poldiac clone.

The inner working are tough to get to and to do so you will have to break out
a drill bit and pliers.  The Delrin centering isolator that holds the
center pin for the cell is pressed into the switch section.  A user that
was experiencing contact issues with the switch drilled two holes into the
delrin and managed to work out the delrin using needlenose pliers.  Inside
is a full mechanical switch and no wiring is used at all.  If I ever have
issues that require removing delrin insert I will take pictures and update this

Maybe the nicest part of the PH22 is the AFC (airflow control) ring. 
This brass ring fits flawlessly and operates so smoothly.  The beautiful
little brass pin acts as a stop for the ring opening allowing you to select from
1 to 4 openings for any of your atomisers that get airflow through the base.

Here you can easily see the switch and it’s surrounding ring.  The brass
button housing ring does not follow the contour of the switch housing tube. 
At the outer edges it sticks out from the main section but it does protect the
switch from being accidentally pressed and negates the need for a locking
switch.  Somehow I think the switch manages to look both elegant and cheap
at the same time.  Quite a contradiction, huh?

The only cosmetic flaw in my sample is a rough opening in one edge of the
hole cut into the switch body for the brass sleeve.  Other than that
everything is impeccable.

The center pin in the 510 connection is not adjustable.  It would have
been nice if it was like some other mods are at the same price point.

The sping at the base allows for plenty of variation in battery length. 
It is very thick and offers very little resistance.

The main body tube is very thick and heavy.  All threads throughout the
PH22 are deep, well cut, and smooth.  Everything fits very well together. 
The only threads that feel a little loose and sloppy are the threads for the top
air flow section that covers the connector.  Once seated they hold well and

Length and width measurements…

With my Nimbus clone attached and running a sub-ohm pair of micro-coils with
cotton batting wicking this baby hits like a train.  Many people on some
forums were predicting it to hit weak and unable to run sub-ohm coils.  As
I predicted, they were quite wrong.

Cranks out as much or more vapor as my Nemesis or King mechs.  Even when
taking sustained hits of 20 seconds the switch button never gets warm let alone
hot.  It easily handles the current needed to run sub-ohm coils.

One thing I wish it had is an adjustable center pin that would allow all
atomisers to sit flush.  only my KWX10 protank seats completely flush. 
My Nimbus and Kraken come within roughly 1mm of flush.

It sure does look sharp with a variety of atomisers attached.  The PH22
certainly makes a great beater mech that doesn’t need to be hidden from others
in shame.  Being side firing means you can vape without worrying about
setting it down and having it fire.  I’m not a fan of pinky fired side
switched but I am a huge fan of top located side switches like the Atmomixani 69
and this PH22.  Having to unlock and lock my bottom fired mechs everythime
I take a vap then set them back down makes it a real chore.   
These side firing mechs are a real treat!

I decided to have a little play with the PH22 and see if it’s compatible with
any other mods I have.  Turns out the threads are a perfect match for the
King.  Here are some pics of it in a couple different combinations.

This next pic is the PH22 with the King main 18350 center section and kick
tube added into the mix.  THe PH22 base is used of course.  A 65mm
cells is just long enough to work perfectly like this.  It also looks
pretty damned sharp with it as well!

Next up is the PH22 with the King 18350 center section alone and the PH22
base.  A protected 18350 cell plus a Kick should work perfectly.

Overall length with the King main tube is just over 96mm

With the King main section and Kick tube (18650 mode) it’s just under 110mm
in overall length.


The PH22 isn’t the best mech available for roughly $20 USD but it is one of
the best side firing mechs you can buy at that price point.  While it’s not
a 1:1 Poldiac clone (which I have on the way as I write this) it is certainly a
great mech for those who love side firing mechs and want an elegant looking
beater to take out and about without worrying about damaging or losing.  It
hits like a train and so far works without any of the glitches I’ve had with
nearly every other mech I’ve owned.  Nothing to adjust every time you
change your cells or atomisers and it simply works perfectly right out of the
box.  Drop in your cell, screw on your atomiser, and vape away!

Should you decide the PH22 just might be your cup of tea, you can purchase it
from Fasttech here.