Fat Snow Wolf 26650 Copper Mod

The Fat Snow Wolf copper mod
*Provided for review by FocalEcig.com

I had to have this mod form the moment I first laid eyes on it. Simply gorgeous! Now that I’ve had it for at least a month I can say that it lives up to all my expectations and more. I love this mod and while I’m open for more mods if they are provided for review, I don’t plan on purchasing any more mods unless it is something complete irresistible. I’m finally happy with the hardware I have especially since I’ve just received a copper 30mm Tobh Atty. It is truly a match made in heaven!

Details from Focalecig.com’s product page:

Material: Copper
Product Type: Mechanical Mod
Quantity: 1
Other Features:
Copper construction
510 threading connection
Brass contacts
With logo engravings on the tube
Battery tube diameter: 30mm
Houses single 26650 battery (battery sold separately)
Packing List: 1x Fat SnowWolf style mod

Length: 3.1 CM
Width: 3.1 CM
Height: 10.5 CM
Weight: 224 g
Total weight: 296 g
Price: $31.13

Why am I over the moon with this mod? let’s have a look at my photos and you will see why.

^ The FSW (Fat Snow Wolf) arrived in a heavy, black box with custom foam insert that cradles all pieces. The FSW came in a celo bag to further protect the finish.

^ Included with the mod itself are 3 center pins (one is preinstalled) of varying thickness. These are used instead of an adjustable center pin to allow you get a rattle free setup between your cell and atomizer. From playing with various combinations of different cells and atomizers and managed to get a rattle free setup with no real gaps in any of the mod joints.

^ The engraving is the best I’ve seen. Each FSW has a random serial number.

^ The locking ring is gorgeous and spins like butter with almost zero thread play.  marvelous machining!

^ Very light but clear laser etching on the switch

^ The top cap is gorgeous.  A snowflake pattern milled into the face of the top cap provides airflow for atomizers that get air intake from the 510 connector.  While functional, it is also beautiful.

^ All of the Fast Snow Wolf pieces you get.  Note the different thicknesses of the 510 connector pins.  These are to accommodate various combinations of battery and atomizer 510 connection lengths.


^ Here you can better see the thickness of each of the three center pins as well as the clean perfect threading in the top cap.

^ Here are all the switch components laid out.  Everything functions smoothly and perfectly.

^ A better look at the underside of the switch this time.

^ Threading on both ends of the batter tube are clean and precise.

^ Seen here with the Giant Aerotank installed.  The FSW is a thing of beauty and function!

^ Another look at the wonderfully clean and deep engraving.


My favorite mod. Period! It’s an amazingly beautiful mod and works flawlessly. The switch spring is easy to depress yet stiff enough to allow it to stand unlocked and not fire the atomizer. If you use 26650 mods this is a must have! Have I mentioned how much I love this mod?? 😀

100% “Mac Approved“!

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