Mountain Vapor Apple Pie

Mountain Vapor Apple Pie
Supplied for review by Archangel Vapor
Nicotine content 0%
PG/VG ratio: 50/50

When offered the chance to review some flavors of e-juice made by Mountain Vapor in the USA and sold exclusively in the EU by Archangel Vapor I jumped on the chance. As a budding e-juice mixologist myself I’m always willing to try new flavors for inspiration and comparison. I received a care package of flavors a few weeks and am now making time to go through the flavors. The Mountain Vapor Pecan Roll fully impressed me and the Apple Pie flavor I’m reviewing this time didn’t disappoint either!

First Impressions:
I opened the cap to the Apple Pie juice and took my first whiff…holy shit! Just like real apple pie. Most juices that try to taste like something else seem to have that artificial smell about them. Not this one. It really smelled like apple pie with all the proper spices. I’d even swear I could smell the skin of the apple as well. The 10ml bottle it came in has a long, fine plastic needle type tip perfect for dripping or fitting into genny fill holes. This time I decided to test the juice in my Kayfun Lite with my first chimney coil and cotton wicking (phenomenal combo, BTW).

Flavor and Vapor:
Just like with the Pecan Roll I tried prior, my brain went “WOW!” but my mouth, after exhaling my first lungful, said to my fiance, “Holy crap! You gotta try this!”. “OMG, that is really good!” was her reaction as her eyes lit up. Tastes just like apple pie! I’d almost swear I could taste some of the crust in there as well. No artificial tastes or flavors could be detected. It’s wasn’t too sweet at all and left a slight peppery taste on the tongue. This one could easily be an all day vape as it hasn’t the almost overly intense flavor the Pecan Roll had that could become almost cloying after a day of vaping.

Vapor production is absolutely great. Before I knew it I ended up vaping the entire tank of Apple Pie juice last night. It’s an absolutely delicious e-juice that is way beyond any other apple flavored juice I’ve tried.

The Mountain Vapor juices are the real deal folks! The Apple Pie flavor is awesome and if you like apple Pie, or even just apples I highly suggest you hop on over to Archangel Vapor (EU readers) or (for our US readers) and grab a bottle.


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