Mountain Vapor Pecan Roll

Mountain Vapor Pecan Roll
Supplied for review by Archangel Vapor
Nicotine content 0%
PG/VG ratio: 50/50

When offered the chance to review some flavors of e-juice made by Mountain Vapor in the USA and sold exclusively in the EU by Archangel Vapor I jumped on the chance. As a budding e-juice mixologist myself I’m always willing to try new flavors for inspiration and comparison. I received a care package of flavors a few weeks ago but have been slow in making time to go through the flavors. Now that I’ve tried the Pecan Roll flavor I’m jazzed for the rest as well!

First Impressions:
Upon opening the bottle the first thing that hits you is the intense aroma that really does smell like fresh pecan roll (“sticky buns” to us Pennsylvanians). The 10ml bottle it came in has a long, fine plastic needle type tip perfect for dripping or fitting into genny fill holes. Having just received my Chris Creations V3 Fatty RDA I decided it was a perfect time to start testing the Mountain Vapor juice.

Flavor and Vapor:
My first hit from the atty made my eyes open and a “WOW!” escape from my mouth along with the thick, warm pecan flavored vapor. I’ve never tasted such intense flavor from a juice before. It actually made my salivary glands kick into overdrive as they were preparing to break down some solid pecan roll that never appeared, only the intense flavor that even left behind a slight bitter taste on the tongue that real pecans and walnuts do. The aroma of the vapor was fabulous and everyone in the house remarked how great it smelled. We even had company come to the house the next day and, after almost a full day since I’d vaped, the first thing they asked after they stuck their head in the door was “OOOH…what are you baking?”. Two days after having been vaping in my car I could still get in and smell the pecan roll, it’s that intense.

Vapor production is absolutely great. It took me a bit to get used to the MV Pecan Roll when vaped from my Fatty V3. The flavor was so intense and the vapor so dense, warm, and moist that I coughed the first several full lung hit attempts I made. The Pecan Roll flavor is actually a desert type juice as it is very full bodied and sweet. After vaping it for a full day I almost found it to be a bit cloying as the aroma permeates everything and lingers in the room and on your clothing. I smelled like I was working in a desert bakery all day and it took a couple days for it to fade from my jacket. This is the only area where its intense flavor actually became like a double-edged sword. Like any rich, delicious dessert, no matter how good it tastes if you eat too much at one time you are bound to start feeling uncomfortable.

I highly recommend to anyone to give the Mountain Vapor Pecan Roll a try. Unless you can’t stand dessert type e-juices I think you will be just as impressed by it as I was. Nothing I’ve tried before this has such intense and rich flavor. I’ve tried another of the flavors (to be reviewed) and I have a strong feeling that all of Mountain Vapor’s offerings are going to be just as satisfying as this one!  Hop on over to Archangel Vapor (EU readers) or (for our US readers) and grab a bottle.

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