Armytek Predator Pro v2.5 XP-G2 Tactical Thrower (2013-06-19)


*  Armytek Predator Pro XP-G2 was supplied by Armytek for review:

I’m going to change up my usual formatting here just because I can’t get into the specifics of this light any more than Armytek already has.  Therefore I’m going to start with my impressions and my output specs gathered by my meters and Integrated Sphere.  The pictures further down will reflect the specs posted from Armytek and I will insert my notes and thoughts on what you are viewing.  Armytek lists more specifics and features on their flashlights than any other manufacturer I’ve seen.  They seem to have the utmost confidence in their lights and, having held and used this one for a week now, it is completely justified.  Between the details they already provide on all their lights and any pictures I can provide you should be able to make up your own mind on this light.  Having said that, let’s move on with my impressions…

In a nutshell…

WOW!  Save your pennies and get this light!  100% Mac Approved!  If I could only have just one light this would pretty much be the one.  Those of you who don’t like a lot of pictures and don’t like reading specs can feel free to head to Armytek’s site and place your order.  No need to waste anymore of your time.

Build Quality

Simply fabulous.  If you’ve ever seen the Youtube videos were the Predator is being abused and molested in ways that would make you cry if it were any other light, I can assure you that you will understand how it can take that abuse.  It is simply the most solid, well machined piece of kit I’ve held that emits photons.  The threads are impeccable, the alloy is thick and tough as nails, the seals (double o-rings at the joints) are so tight you need a firm grip and two hands to unscrew the tailcap or remove the head. Armytek rates these lights as being waterproof to 55yards (you read that right – 55yards!).  All threads are heavily lubricated with NyoGel grease.

How tough are these lights? Armytek rates them as impact resistant to 33ft.  Armytek rates their HAIII anodizing at 400HV.  I’ve tried searching for an explanation of what exactly that rating means but I can tell you that it loosely translates to “Tough as hell”.  The stainless steel bezels on the head and tail are titanium coated with a hardness of 2000-3000HV.  Check out this Russian made torture test video.. This is a light you can pass down to your kids and grandkids as it will likely out live you.

The first thing one notices after taking an Armytek light out of its very well made and durable holster is the unique matte finish of its anodizing.  The Ano itself gives it fantastic grip when wet and feels like the light is coated with superfine grit emery cloth.  Holding the light makes you think you are holding a stick of chalk except it’s not dusty or slippery.  It’s really the best way I can describe it to someone who hasn’t held one of these lights.


This light is a small tactical thrower. If you thought a stock light this small couldn’t throw as well as the Predator does with its XP-G2 and computer designed reflector you’d be wrong.  I was amazed at the tiny hot spot and little amount of spill that blasts from the front of the Predator. The hot spot comes from a very focused 5 degree center beam with just 40 degrees of spill.  Armytek rates the Predators output at 670 lumens in Turbo mode and 400m of throw (amazing from a light with a head only 1.56″/39.6mm in diameter). The reflector is one of the cleanest and smoothest I’ve seen and the lens is thick, hardened ultra clear double AR coated with 98%-99% light transmission.

The output is fully regulated and even in firefly mode (0.1 lumen) there is zero PWM.  Tint is a pure, creamy white with no trace of blue, purple or green tint in any mode.  Output is fully regulated and flat in all modes.  I am still trying to figure out the custom programming.  The owner’s manual tells the user how to select between the two default mode groups, or lines, as Armytek likes to call them, but is lacking in custom programming instructions.  Fortunately for me, I am quite content with the default mode groups but am determined to figure out the custom programming and voltage readings. All mode and line changes, as well as custom programming, are made by twisting the head 45 degrees (1/8th of a turn). Definitely a two handed operation as the seals on the head make one-handed changes nearly impossible.

The first line, or group, of modes are low, medium and high.  The second line has firefly and strobe.  All modes stay where you left them until changed.  This allows momentary via the forward-clicky switch in all modes.

My Output Results

Modes OTF Lumens @ 30+ seconds Instant On
High 463 466
Medium 96.1
Low 4.67
Moon 0.85
Lux @ 1m 33,700
Throw distance 367.1 meters

Take a gander of these beam shots I took in the back yard.  What you see in the pics is what I saw in person.  The center hot spot in High mode slightly overwhelms the camera but the spill and lower modes are dead on.


Removing the silicon tactical ring lets you tail stand the Predator for a candle mode.  It can also be removed and replaced with either a flat silicon band (included with packaging) for a smooth body or with the removable pocket clip (also included in packaging).  The Predator fits comfortably in the hand and instills absolute confidence that it will ALWAYS work when you click the switch.  If my life depended on my light I would feel safe with this on my belt.  Armytek lights in general don’t have knurling and, frankly, they don’t need it.  The finish provides excellent grip when wet and the protruding tactical switch can easily be activated with gloved hands.  The included holster holds the light snugly and securely while allowing easy removal and insertion of the light.

With my thoughts on the Predator Pro v2.5 out of the way, let’s look at the other pics I’ve taken as well as the details and specs provided by Armytek.  Click any of the pictures to open the full res pic in a new window/tab.

Items included in the package

  • Flashlight
  • Holster
  • Lanyard
  • 2 spare O-rings
  • Spare rubber button
  • Clip
  • Rubber grip (is put on flashlight)
  • Rubber ring to substitute the grip

The Predator Pro is packaged like all Armytek lights.  Custom molded closed-cell foam cradles the light and holds it securely inside the heavy cardboard box.  The light is further protected by its holster.  Here is a scan of the UserGuide.

Key Featuress/strong>
  • New powerful Cree XP-G2 LED
  • Impressive light output 670 LED lumen
  • Beam distance up to 400 meters
  • Constant brightness for whole operation time
  • Fully programmable settings to fit your needs
  • Excellent tactical flashlight for Hunting
  • Powered by one 18650 Li-Ion or two CR123A/R123 batteries
Optical Features
  • The reflector of the ArmyTek Predator flashlight has been modeled and calculated in computer software for the design of optical systems that enabled to produce a flawless light beam for a distance more than 400 meters.
  • Ultra-transparent and tempered glass was used with anti-reflective and lens coating, normally used in photo equipment only.
  • The transparency of the glass is 98-99%.
  • The angle of the light spot is 5 degrees.
  • The angle of the light spill is 40 degrees.
  • At the distance of 300 feet (92 meters), the diameter of the light spot is 26 feet (8 meters).

The Cree XP-G2 emitter is perfectly centered in the deep reflector.


Electrical Features
  • The flashlight is designed on the basis of the new-generation electronic driver S-Tek™
  • The current stabilization types are entirely changeable through the user menu: full stabilization (FULL), simple semi-stabilization (SEMI), stepped stabilization (STEP).
  • Firefly mode 0.1 lumens, working for 130 days with ONE 18650 Li-Ion battery.
  • Complete compatibility with one 18650 battery: actually high efficiency, long duration and flat runtimes (graph of brightness which depends on work time) with full stabilization of the current at all modes. Important notice: an implementation of buck-boost technology allowed refusing of standard method to reach constant brightness by addition of second 18650 battery that made the flashlight 2 times more compact and lightweight.
  • Advanced electronic protection from incorrect battery installation, without reducing the efficiency of the driver
  • Constant and smooth light output. Important notice: no irritating flickering effect.
  • Ecological algorithm of the stabilization control S-Tek Green™, which decreases the system power consumption, making the flashlight very effective, completely utilizing the battery power.
  • The S-Tek™ driver, due to a built-in sensor, constantly monitors the temperature of LED and the electronic circuit and will prevent the LED overheating in extreme environments.
  • The driver has a built-in indication of low voltage and high temperature.
  • The voltage supply selection allows using the cheaper batteries without protection board (PCB), for example: LiFePO4 or Li-Ion.

The Predator takes all 18650 batteries, both button topped and flat.  Large brass contact points front and rear, coupled with a heavy spring in the tailcap, provide solid electrical contact.

Ergonomic Features
  • Removable stainless steel clip, functional and easy to use.
  • The ability to use batteries with a flat contact.
  • Indication of battery voltage at user’s request (ex.: 3 blinks – pause – 6 blinks = 3.6 Volts).
  • The auto memorization of the last used mode can be turned on or off.
  • The ability to save the user’s individual settings in the Custom preset.
  • The ability to reset of all settings of the flashlight to those built-in by the manufacturer (Military or Outdoor presets) or to the user’s saved preset (Custom).
  • Protection from switching on accidentally (special turn of the tailcap).
  • Strong and easily removable lanyard to avoid losing the flashlight.

All laser etching is crisp, clean and solid.

Mechanical Features
  • The flashlight has a strong, difficult to break body, which is developed for a minimum weight with sufficient durability. The design of the body includes element design specifically to prevent the flashlight from rolling.
  • The flashlight is designed with the impact-resistant bezels from both sides in order to protect it from falling and allow utilization during combat situations. In the Gold and Black version the steel bezels are also covered by titanium compounds with a hardness of 2000-3000HV.
  • To ensure functionality in difficult conditions, the electronic driver of the flashlight is placed in a special aluminum capsule and has been completely covered with a durable compound. This actually protects it from both the environment and from mechanical damage.
  • Body cover: matte, anodized. Hardness: 350-400HV. Resistant to scratches and impacts.
  • Body material: aviation-grade aluminum T6061-T6.

The tail switch is a forward clicky and has great tactile feel.  The switch boot feels very durable and is easy to find and press.

Water resistance
  • Water resistance standard: IPX-8 (the highest)
  • Two silicone O-rings are installed at each side of the battery tube of the flashlight.
  • Metric profile thread has been used.
  • An O-ring has been used to increase glass sealing, and well as an extra L-ring of a specific shape.
  • All threads, rubber parts and other parts of the flashlight that experience friction or contact with water are lubricated with a special dense grease NyoGel 760G.

All the threaded points in my Predator are cut super clean, fit very well, and are liberally coated in NyoGel.  The tail threads are anodized and allow you to lock out the switch to prevent accidentally power engagement.  Not a modders light, all components are fully sealed and have to be in order to provide the outstanding level of dust, waterproofing, and impact resistance the light has.  There really is no need to mod it anyway.  It’s one of the few lights I have no interest in even wanting to improve on.

Light & Optics

Maximal light output: 670 lumens
Beam distance: 437 yd
LED: Cree XP-G2 R5
LED Tint: Cool White 5500K
Optics: Smooth reflector

Stabilization of constant brightness regardless of frost and low battery voltage:

Hotspot: 5 °
Spill: 40 °
Hotspot diameter at 300 feet / 92 meters: 26 ft
Impact-resistant glass lens with sapphire and anti-reflection coating: Yes

Sizes & Weight

Length: 6.1 inches
Body Diameter: 1 inch
Head Diameter: 1.56 inches
Weight (without batteries): 5.82 oz

Modes & Electronics

Power source: 1×18650 Li-Ion / 2xCR123A / 2xR123 Li-Ion
Output levels and runtimes: 670 lm (1h 20min)
200 lm (7h)
70 lm (20h)
6 lm (155h)
Number of modes: 5
Type of mode switching: Head rotation
Type of clicky switch: Tactical Forward
Momentary activation for quick access: Yes
Runtime for maximal mode: 1h 20min
Runtime for maximal mode: 130 days
Advanced heat transmission for LED with copper MPCB: Yes
Advanced heat transmission for electronics: Yes
Active thermal management of LED and electronics: Yes
Special spring material for higher efficiency: Yes
Firefly micromode with ultra-long runtime: Yes
Ability to work when the main electric circuit is damaged: Yes
Auto-memorization of the last used mode: Yes
Special signals (Strobe, SOS, Beacon): Yes
Programmable modes: Yes
Ability to save individual user settings: Yes
Ability to reset settings to factory default: Yes
Changeable type of brightness stabilization: Yes
Built-in low battery indication: Yes
Built-in high temperature indication: Yes
Indication of battery voltage: Yes
Battery over-discharge protection circuit for unprotected batteries using: Yes
Advanced electronic reverse polarity protection: Yes
Light output without flickering: Yes
Unprotected Li-FePO4 battery support: Yes
Ability to use batteries with a flat contact: Yes
Protection from accidental switch-on: Yes

Grip is provided by grooves in the body and the fantastic anodizing.  The silicon tactical ring is very comfortable to use and is easily removed if you don’t like it.

All machining is smooth and free of machining marks.  The holster is great.  The nylon is thick and strong, all stitching is solid, and it fits the light snugly and securely.

A handsome light, it’s minimal, military look is unmistakably “Armytek”!  Not much bigger than a standard p60 light, it positively destroys in output due to obvious reasons such as the larger reflector but does so in a package just as easy to carry as the smaller light.

Sexy, sexy, sexy!

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