(TOP) Palmstar 4*XP-G2 Rechargeable Flashlight

There is a new Flashlight brand on the market and the Palmstar is their first offering.  Read about it here.


First official information on the new Manker MK34!

I’ve posted on TFF ( exclusive information on the new Manker MK34 due for release the middle of this August.  Since some photos of the Manker’s newest unreleased model have leaked out on the Chinese forums, Manker has decided to spill the beans on their newest mini monster light.

Initial specs:

  • Official name:  MK34 34 (from 3*4 LEDs)
  • 12 LEDS (3 quad MCPCBs)
  • Will be offered in two LED choices:  Cree XP-G3 or Nichia 219B
  • Massive output!  XP-G3 – 8000 lumens!
    219B – 6000 lumens!
  • Powered by three 18650 cells (IMR recommended)
  • Electronic switch – same great switch used in the U21
  • Type III mil-spec anodizing
  • Super compact size
  • Dragon’s Eye switch
  • UI information will be revealed when sample units are sent for testing (Look for first sample testing here!)


Source: TFF Exclusive! First official information on the new Manker MK34! – General Flashlight Discussion – The Flashlight Forum | A flashlight forum and community

Finally a new review! This time the new Manker T01

First review in months!  Sorry the lack of reviews lately, life has been hectic.  I think you’ll agree the wait was worthwhile once you check out the new Manker T01 EDC light.  I haven’t been over the moon for a light in a long time but I’m sure you will see why I am now once you check the review here.