(TOP) Palmstar 4*XP-G2 Rechargeable Flashlight

There is a new Flashlight brand on the market and the Palmstar is their first offering.  Read about it here.



King of Throw! ThruNite TN42

ThruNite’s TN42 LED Searchlight.  The new King of Throw with over 700kcd and 1.7km of throw.  Read my review here.


Finally a new review! This time the new Manker T01

First review in months!  Sorry the lack of reviews lately, life has been hectic.  I think you’ll agree the wait was worthwhile once you check out the new Manker T01 EDC light.  I haven’t been over the moon for a light in a long time but I’m sure you will see why I am now once you check the review here.