Feel free to contact me with any questions about my blog or if you are a Manufacturer or Dealer and are interested in sending products or materials. If you would like to send products for review please read and understand my terms which you can read here.

You can email me at and I will respond from there. Thank you for your interest!

~ Johnny

3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi

    Im looking for someone who can help me do the review of our brand .

    Can you do that for me ? And could you post the review on Europe’s forum ? like in Germany or Russian ‘s special forum in their language?

    Hope hear from you



  2. Hi, Your review of the TaoTronics ThorLite TT-TF01 is great. I just received mine last week. It is beautiful, but it only clicked on once – the switch is NG. I was surprised that TaoTronics couldn’t just send me a new switch. I looked on CNQG for 9.5mm switches but they don’t seem to be available now. If you have any thoughts where I could buy a new switch I would appreciate the info.

    TaoTronics is sending a TT-TF02 to me because the TT-TF01 is out of stock. I guess I’ll be in flashlight heaven when I buy the bigger (18650) batteries, but I bought the TT-TF01 because it fits in my pocket and I have AA and 14500 batteries already. Thank you. Jack Popham

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