Mojo Nucleus RDA 1:1 clone

Mojo Nucleus RDA 1:1 clone


  • Excellent machining and construction.  No sharp edges.  Every
    edge is chamfered, even the air holes.
  • Smooth finish
  • All parts fit snug and seal properly
  • Super easy to coil and wick thanks to novel cartridge design.
  • Perfect quad coil setup with adjustable airflow
  • Lovely drip tip with deep engraving
  • Dual O-rings on base and on the drip tip for leak free seal and no
  • The Price!


  • No allen wrench included for coil screws


Specifications from Product Page

PRODUCT TYPE                          Rebuildable Atomizers
MATERIAL                                   Stainless Steel + Brass (24K Gold Plated)
FINISH                                           Polished
DRIP TIP                                        Yes
COIL REBUILDABLE                 Yes
COIL REPLACEABLE                 No
PACKAGE TYPE                          Plain

1*Nucleus Style RDA, 5*O-rings, 2*Pre-wired Wicks


DEPTH                             22 mm
HEIGHT                           30.6 mm
WIDTH                             22 mm
DIAMETER                    22 mm
FASTTECH SKU            1746201
Purchase Price              $12.85
Purchased From 

*1:1 clone
*22mm diameter
*Removable 510 drip tip
*Dual-coil or quad-coil setup
*Air flow control, with 6 air holes on the sleeve
*Silver plated brass top cap, with CNC engravings
*Laser engraved serial number on the bottom
*Height without drip tip: 25.5mm
*510 threaded connector

Please note: The Chinese made atomizer may be stamped with
“Made in Korea” on the bottom of it.



I bought this atomizer the day it was listed at Fasttech.  Mojo’s design
was/is stunning and full of the promise of great performance and ease of build.
This 1:1 clone allowed me to own what would otherwise be out of my reach
financially and it certainly lives up to all of my expectations.  Should
you be in a situation to purchase an original Nucleus but want to know what you
would get then you should try this on for size first.  mojo’s designs are
some of my very favorites and this is obviously no exception.

My Nucleus 1:1 clone arrived a sturdy black box with a fitted closed cell
foam lining for all of the parts.

The Nucleus RDA includes a wonderful drip tip with my favorite dual O-ring
510 connection design.

Included are 2 premade coils with wicks and a full set of replacement

The included drip tip is great!  Clear/deep laser engraving and dual
O-rings top off the fluted edged big bore tip.

At the base of the Nucleus RDA is a random serial number and “MADE IN KOREA”
deeply etched.

The top ring on the cap is silver plated stainless steel and is engraved with
“NUCLEUS” and “STYLE BY MOJO”.  This ring is held in place with a thick
O-ring that allows it to be rotated to the correct position as judged by any OCD

The gold-plated brass top cap is held snugly in place by 2 red O-rings on the
base.  The inside of the top cap is contoured for reduced chamber size and
good airflow.  The 2 sets of 3 air holes on either side of the top cap
allow for fully adjustable air flow in either dual or quad coil configuration

Inside the deep well of the base is where all the “mojo” happens.  The
cartridge design allows for easy coild builds.  Two horizontal bars are
stacked onto a delrin sleeve which in turn sits over sits over the positive
center post.  The bottom bar contacts the negative current in the base
while the upper bar is held by the large screw which threads into the positive
center post.

Each of the 4 coils you build attach into the upper and lower bars and are
held in place with small allen-head set screws  The stock holess are large
enough for 28ga wire which I used in this sample build.  Heavier gauge wire
might be an issue with the smallish stock holes in quad configuration.  It
would be an easy thing to enlarge them with a proper small sized drill bit.

I know these coils look like crap but they work well enough.

Once your cartridge is properly coiled, simply slide of over the center post
and tighten down the center post screw.

I prefer to use cotton yarn wicking in my builds.  Regardless of the
wicking used it’s super easy to wick.  Once wicked pop the cartridge back
into the base and wet it down.

Here I tucked down the tails and wet it up really well.  Ready to rock!
How well does it rock?  Fantastically!  Super dense but not too hot
vapor that makes me cough with every full lung hit.  I really have to
concentrate to not be overwhelmed by the dense full-flavored vapor this Nucleus

Looks great on most all mods.  Below is the Nucleus on my copper Panzer,
my brass Astro, and my SS 4Nine clone.


I love it!  Excellent build quality, looks, and performance!  For
$12.85 it’s a great purchase and impossible
to resist.


4 thoughts on “Mojo Nucleus RDA 1:1 clone

  1. Pingback: Mojo Nucleus RDA 1:1 Clone | Johnny Mac Reviews

    • Jeremy, I wouldn’t hesitate to drop them out for more airflow if you need it. That’s one of the benefits of having a clone. No qualms when it comes to making them yours. 🙂


  2. I just got one off of ebay built itand it seems to me the air flow is very suppressed do you not believe it would compliment this atomizer to bore out the holes a little bigger?

  3. This RDA is highly recommended, i got one of this and it amazes me… you can taste the flavor amazingly, plus! you can build any kind of coil you want. You can easily build sub-ohm coil for the ‘beast mode’ giant cloud. But be careful to have lower ohm cos your battery may can’t handle and explode. Check the battery capacity first.

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