Pulse-G Style Rebuildable Atomizer (2.5mL)

Pulse-G Style Rebuildable Atomizer (2.5mL)

I purchased the Pulse-G genesis style atomizer from Fasttech for just $12.73.  What a steal for such a wonderfully made atty!  I will tell you now to just go and get it right now without giving it a second thought.  I can’t imagine you would regret it based on my example.

Still here?  Ok, I will share some more details with you. :D

  • Impeccable fit and finish.
  • All O-rings are perfectly sized for snug seals everywhere.
  • Machining and polishing are great.
  • All pieces are solid and heavy.  Very satisfying to hold and use
  • Chamber reducer for single coil use is removeable for dual coil or in case you don’t like using a reduced chamber size.
  • Thick glass on tank
  • 22mm diameter fits flush on most mods.
  • It’s gorgeous in it’s simplicity!
  • Super inexpensive!!

  • Not a one.  It’s a genesis style with genesis style limitations.  It can slowly wick juice from the tank when on it’s side or upside down.
Let’s take a look at Fasttech’s posted details and specifications…

Details from Fasttech’s site:

  • Genesis style RBA
  • Reduced chamber design
  • Hidden dual coil configuration
  • 2 opposite air holes
  • Replaceable glass tank
  • Bottom adjustable 510 center pin
  • Diameter of filler hole: 2.0mm (approx.)
  • Diameter of wick hole: 3.0mm (approx.)
  • 22mm overall diameter
  • Purchase price: $12.73

PRODUCT TYPE:  Rebuildable Atomizers
MATERIAL:  Stainless Steel + Glass<
PACKAGE CONTENTS:  1*Pulse-G RBA, 1*Stainless Steel Mesh, 1*Wire, 1*Phillips Screwdriver, 1*Wick

DEPTH:  22 mm
HEIGHT:  61.8 mm
WIDTH:  22 mm
FASTTECH SKU:  1522900 (link to item)

Impressions and Details:

I ordered the Pulse-G on Nov 11 and it arrived on Nov 25.  Just two weeks from pulling the trigger to having it in my hands.  Not bad for all the claimed issues about Hong Kong Post being massively delayed.  I’d say things are pretty much back to normal.  The Pulse-G arrived in a generic “Vapor” box that was wrapped in bubble wrap and inside the usual padded envelope.  Below is how it looked just from the box.

Freaking gorgeous!  Simple and pure in it’s aesthetics with only the deeply etched pulse symbol in the drip tip.  The tip fits super tight, too.  Just like I like it! :P

With the chamber cap off we can see the beautiful internals.  Phillips head screws are used throughout for ease of changing coils.

The chamber cap is very thick and solid.  All components seem overbuilt and should last a lifetime of vaping.  The machining on mine is fantastic!

With the top removed the glass tank just slides off for maintenance.

Let’s have at the vaping chamber and the sweet reducer.  The reducer is machined from a solid chunk of stainless and is held in place with two long screws that thread into the post holes for the dual coil setup. The hole between the anchor screws is over the wick hole for the second coil.  To fill the tank you use a bottle with a fill needle and use that center hole in the reducer to fill the tank.

Here is the reducer removed from the chamber.

With the reducer removed you can see the post and wick holes for the optional second coil.

The center post consists of a stainless machine screw and a stainless bushing.  A delrin insulator isolates the anode and cathode connections.  The bolt threads into a brass post that extends all the way down to the positive contact point in the 510 connector.

Here you can see the smooth belly of the Pulse-G and the 510 connector.  The threads on the connection are lovely.

Here is a better view of the tank side of the vaping chamber.

Everything on the Pulse-G is free of machining grooves and is polished to a fine luster.  Even the pasts you don’t see when it’s assembled and in use.

Here is a better view of the “pulse” etched into the drip-tip.

Here we have a peek at the entire atomizer disassembled.  You can see how thick the glass is.

The Pulse-G comes with a piece of 2mm silica wick, some 28AWG wire, and a swatch of 400SS mesh. Enough mesh is given to make several wicks.

The Pulse-G in use

How does it work?  Fantastic!  Well, fantastic if you know more than I do about setting up your first genesis atty. :P

The first thing I did after taking all the photos for this review was to wash everything in hot soapy water to remove all machining oil residue from the components.  There was zero machining swarf and no noticeable oils anywhere but with stainless it’s always best to thoroughly clean all components before the first use to ensure it is free of contaminants.

Next up I decided to use the 28awg NiCrome wire that came with it since all I currently have is a spool of 34awg wire.  I wanted something with less resistance to use in this.  I also decided to use cotton for the first time as my wick.  The last time I tried making a mesh wick I didn’t prep it well enough and kept shorting out my coils on it.  I only have 1mm silica wicking as well and am waiting for a shipment of kanthal wire and ribbon along with ekowool and silica wick in 2mm and 3mm diameters.  So, I decided to try pure cotton.  It worked out well appearance wise but I used far too  much and it was so tight in the coil and wicking hole that no juice could wick through it.

After wetting it down I tested it and it came to a perfect 1.3ohms.  Damned shame that once I vaped the juice I dripped into the coil it couldn’t wick any juice from the tank due to it being too tight in the hole.  *heheh*

Here it is during a test fire with the cotton wicking.

Next up I decided to use the same coil since I refused to waste the thick wire by trying to rewind it into a tighter coil and risking boogering it up which I’m sure I would have done.  I pulled out the cotton and ran a folded piece of the 2mm silica wick it came with through it and into the tank.  It is far from ideal but it works just fine.  I tell you I can’t wait until my new wicking and ribbon kanthal arrives this coming Monday (hopefully!).  Micro-coil here I come!!

Here is what the Pulse-G looks like on my mods.  Top is my brass King, middle is my Innokin SVD, and the bottom is my brass Sentinel M16.

Looks rather lovely on my M16.  I just wish I owned a stainless mech to put this on.  I will be ordering one for it (and for the Kraken that is on it’s way to me) this coming week. ;)

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