The BIG DRIPPER RDTA by hekvapor

 The BIG DRIPPER RDTA by hekvapor


The Big Dripper is one of the first atomizers to combine a true rebuildable dripper (RDA) with the convenience of a rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA) hence the new classification of RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer).  Helvapor wasted no time on making a fantastic 1:1 clone of the genuine ingenious design.

The Big Dripper uses a plunger system to inject juice from the upper tank into the dripper below.  Most vapors are familiar with the Atmomixani 3D RDA that uses a plunger system to inject juice into the dripping juice well.  The 3D design uses a small capacity (roughly 1.5ml) juice chamber in the base.  Then the entire top cap of the 3D is pressed the coil base is pushed into the lower juice chamber and juice is forced up into the bottom of the juice well onto the wicking.  The Big dripper uses a similar idea but instead of pushing the entire atomizer into a bottom well, only the drip tip base i the top cap moves.  Pressing down on the drip tip pressed the tip base into the top of the tank forcing a small amount of juice through a very tiny hole in the base of the tank and into the vaping chamber where it can squirt directly onto the wicking or at least into the juice well itself to be drawn into the wicking.

Treat it exactly like the RDA it is except when you sense the wick is starting to dry out, instead of popping off the tip or the top cap and dripping more juice onto the wicking, simply press down on the tip.  Ever try to drip while driving?  The Big Dripper makes it a no brainer and super easy.  Truly the best of combination of dripper and tanker!  Goodby dripping! Good by leaky, gurgling, tough to wick Kayfuns and other tankers!


  • Reduced chamber

  • Push-activated dripping function

  • Tank Capacity: 5ml

  • Airflow Control: Dual cyclops

  • OEM,ODM is welcomed.

What is  Description of our Big Dripper RDTA 

1.Juice Well: 3mm

2.Contact Material: Copper

3.Post Holes: Large for massive builds

4.Airflow Control: Dual cyclops

5.Tank Capacity: 5ml

6.Push-activated dripping function

7.Reduced chamber

8.High temperature resistant PEEK insulator

9.Cup point screws to reduce chance of wire breaks

What is Specifications of our Big Dripper RDTA 
name: Big Dripper RDTA
Diameter 22mm
Capacity 5ml
Resistence 1.8-2.8ohm
Material Stainless Steel
Type Rebuildable atomizer
Threading eGo510
Package including :

1pc Big Dripper RDTA atomizer

1pc nice box


As stated in hekvapor’s copy, the Big Dripper does come in a “nice box”.   Sliding off the outer sleeve reveals an inner box with identical graphics.

While not listed in the specs, it also comes with a very nice drip tip and an accessory bag.  Everything is nestled in the fitted foam interior.

Brushed stainless steel covers all the pieces.  My one and only nit-pick is the fit between the tank and the vapor chamber.  Laterally they don’t align perfectly and you can feel the seam with your nail.  It’s not perfect but considering the quality of the rest of the Big Dripper combined with the price I can’t complain in the least.  Hey, I had to find at least one thing wrong with it didn’t I?

Here you can see the large wire holes in each post.  The BD will fit pretty much anything you can throw in it.  you can also see the reduced chamber top and the small hole from which the juice exits into the dripping well when the top of the atomizer is pressed.  You can see the large, wide air holes.  I can’t imagine anyone needing to drill these out.  It breaths more freely than any other atomizer I’ve tried.  Even though there are 4 air holes in the base there are only two in the outer wall of the vapor chamber.  While designed for just two coils, not four, the extra air holes in the base allow you to position your coils on either side of the center post.  I always build my coils to the left of the center post.

The pic below shows the components laid out.  In the picture the top piece (on the left of the spring) is reversed.

The vapor chamber is the base of the top cap.  The post coming out of goes inside the spring.  The wide end of the top piece slides out the top of the juice tank.  When the tank is threaded onto the base the center post on the base slides into the narrow end of the tip piece.  When assembled and filled with juice, pressing down on the drip tip pushed the top piece into the tank.  This displaces enough volume to pump a squirt of juice into the vaping chamber through the small hole at the bottom of the tank.  The spring returns the center top piece to it’s normal position.

Here you can see the O-rings that act as wiper seals.  The tank has a larger O-ring to act as a wiper seal for the top piece/drip tip base.  The narrow end of the top piece/ drip tip base also has an O-ring that acts as the wiper seal for the center post.  This maintains vacuum in the tank so your juice doesn’t leak out of the base hole unless pushed out by pressing down on the drip tip.

All threading is well machined and smooth.

Each of the negative posts are secured to the base by a single Phillips head machine screw.  You can loosen the screw and adjust the post holes to your liking.  The center pin connection is copper.  The logo is laser etched in the base giving the atty a clean, understated look.

The accessory bag includes a length of 3mm silica wicking, an Allen screw for the post screws, and two heavy gauge premade coils.  Those coils are pretty damned nice and are the first supplied coils I’ve ever used in an atomizer.

After cleaning all traces of machine oil from the atomizer components it’s time to assemble.  With the stock coils in place a little preburn cooks off any impurities.

Had to take a second pic after releasing the switch to catch the coils still hot but visible.

Some rayon wicking and some wetting down we can test it out.  Vapor production is excellent.  The roar from the coils is the loudest I’ve heard in a long time.  When vaping it sounds like a tornado tearing through overhead.

Flavor is extremely good!  Vapor production is as good as any dripper because it is a dripper.  And an extremely well designed one as well!  Get a dry hit on an inhale?  Just press down on the drip tip twice to inject more juice into the juice well and vape on.  The Big Dripper gives you fantastic leak proof convenience found in having a tanker but does it while giving you the performance and flavor that only a pure dripper can give!  It is seriously the best atomizer I’ve ever used.


Without any hesitation, I have to give the Big Dripper by hekvapor an enthusiastic “Mac Approved“!  Honestly folks, for an
online “street” price of under $20 this is the best atomizer you may own.  It definitely deserves to be in every vapor’s collection with huge flavor, huge cloud capability, fully adjustable airflow, and incredible convenience.  Get one ASAP!!

* The Big Dripper was provided for review courtesy of Hekvapor

To leave comment, ask questions, or discuss the Big Dripper clone head over to the review thread on The Vaping Forum


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