Olight OMNI-DOK 2-Cell Charger

Olight OMNI-DOK 2-Cell Charger

*Olight OMNI-DOK provided for review by SkyBen.Trade on Amazon. 


When SkyBen sent me a couple of Olight’s for review, they also threw in a
little surprise with the OMNI-DOK charger.  The OMNI-DOK sells for $19.95
on SkyBen.Trade.

Not a full featured charger but it handles both Li-Ion and NiMH cells
automatically.  It takes all sizes from 16340 up to 18650 cells.  NiMH
cells charge at 500mA and Li-Ion charge at 1A.  The charger has dual
channels and each cell gets a full 1A (500mA for NiMH).  It topped off both
my test cells at exactly 4.19V and stops charging at that point.  NiMH
cells stop at 1.47V.

Charge indicators display in 25% increments.  Once the cell(s) hit 100%
only the full circle indicator lights up to let you know the cell is ready. 
Olight claims charging current drops as the cell nears full charge and will stop
charging once charging current drops below 50mA.

It has built in protection in case you install the battery backwards and will
alert with 3 flashes of the LEDs.  It also alerts you if there is a short
or unsupported cells are installed.  If after 8 hours the cell(s) are still
not charged the OMNI-DOK will turn off automatically for safety.

Not a whole lot to say about this little charger except that it works well
and doesn’t look bad sitting on the desk for a quick, easy charge when you need
one.  Even the wife doesn’t mind it sitting out when not being used.

Drawbacks?  A couple I suppose.  The power supply doesn’t use USB
so the pin type plug limits it pretty much to desktop use.  If it accepted
a USB input you could use it in your car when traveling via a 12V USB supply but
that’s nit-picking.  The other drawback is when charging smaller cells like
16340 or 14500 cells when 500mA might be a better choice for charging current.

Overall it’s a great looking little charger that works well and is built
well, too.  Great for a spare charger when you don’t need all the bells and
whistles.  I’m glad I have it because a good extra charger is always

^  Packaging is typical of Olight products and is very nice.

^  The back of the box has all the important specs listed.

^  Inside the box are the OMNI-DOK, power supply, and instruction

^  The instruction pamphlet

^  Nice looking little charger.  Reminds me of a high-tech hockey

^  Spring loaded terminals accommodate the usual range of cell sizes
except for 26650 or larger.

^  Bottom of the charger.  Nice thing is it doesn’t get hot like my
other chargers that have built in power supplies.


^  A look at the 12V 1A power supply.  When plugged in the indictor
LED on the charger glows red.

^  A look at the charging indicators at various points of charge. 
The pic on the right shows the left cell at 75% charge and the cell on the right
fully charged.

The Olight OMNI-DOK is a great little charger for under $20 USD.